RainBender™ Umbrella

The Rain Stays Contained Inside.

You and All Your Belongings Stay Dry!

Made with Lightweight Carbon Fiber.

A True Innovation

The image shows a man sitting on a car seat and closing RainBender with the car door only ajar.

Breakthrough Design

It’s not often we can say we are introducing a true innovation, a completely new product… With RainBender™, we have reinvented and redesigned the umbrella!!

Engineered and patented by a U.S. Military Aircraft Mechanic and co-designed by our team, RainBender opens and closes inside a state-of-the-art cylinder, keeping the rain off you, the car interior and all your belongings!

James Bond would be proud to own this! Read More

“Every Car Should Have One!”
How It Works – Watch It Now!

An Umbrella Like No Other!