Benefits of RainBender

The image shows how RainBender retracts the canopy into a cylinder.

Easy to open and close.

No Wet Floors or Car Seats

No need to lug around dripping, wet umbrellas anymore. RainBender™ is the real deal, proven and tested to keep you and all your belongings dry. The rain stays contained inside the lightweight high-tech cylinder. Come in from the rain and place it anywhere, nothing gets wet! Have you ever used one of those plastic umbrella covers they give you when you enter a store? Not only are they messy and unreliable, but they’re bad for the environment.

Doorways and Crowded Spaces

Opening and closing RainBender is quick and easy. Exit any car or doorway in a second. One quick motion and it opens or closes, away from other people. Great in a crowded space, like a ballgame or outdoor concert. Once closed, rain stays contained inside, keeping you and your surroundings dry. At the end of the day, open the RainBender and let the canopy dry out, just like you would with any other umbrella. Check out the video if you haven’t already.

The image shows a women with RainBender entering a door.

You’re in and out – and nothing gets wet!

The image shows a man and a woman carrying RainBender with its shoulder strap.

Getting around – Hands-free.

An Umbrella That’s Fashionable and Practical

What can we say… This is not your ordinary looking umbrella. In fact, no one really knows what it is until you show them. When we demo the RainBender in public, people’s jaws drop. The response is always, “I want one of those. Where can I get it?

RainBender Does What No Other Umbrella Has Done Before!