Cutting-Edge Design

The image shows the internal features of RainBender.

Patented canopy stabilizer (l); Innovative lock & sliding handle (r)

Patented Technology

RainBender’s patented technology and design configurations took years to perfect. Thanks to a persistent and highly intelligent aircraft mechanic in the U.S. military, mission accomplished!

After considering various materials for the cylinder tube that work well with our flexible ribs, we believe that carbon fiber resin would be the most durable and attractive.

Compact and Lightweight

Compact and lightweight, the RainBender features an adjustable shoulder strap. So when not in use, your hands stay free and you stay dry! The shoulder strap also adjusts to a luggage strap and fits over a carry-on handle as illustrated in the photo. The finished product will be sleek and classy – a real conversation piece, no doubt!

The image shows how RainBender can be carried on top of suitcase with its innovative strap.

Shoulder strap adjusts to fit over your luggage!

Opening and closing RainBender is quick and easy.

The illustrated image shows how to open RainBender.

The Rain Stays Contained Inside!